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Donating to important causes shouldn’t be difficult for people to do. We even think people should be able to be give directly to the causes they read about online in just a few taps whilst on their daily travels.

As far as we know, we’re the first to combine news content with the ability to donate. As a concept this allows audiences to engage with an article via Facebook or our site and instantly have the option to support the campaign

Our Editorial Team are the best of the best and we strive for the highest quality content that is as reliable and transparent as you can get. Ultimately, we know that honesty is always the best policy.

Want us to write a news story about you?

Please send your press releases to and our Editorial Team will publish them on the Donr News site (

Tell us a story and start receiving donations

As well as publishing news pieces, we like to write richer and more in-depth stories. We'll often do this by having an interview with someone related to the charity in question.

These stories require a quick sign up process and an agreement to our 5% fee structure. From here, donation options are activated on the piece and it's ready to start receiving donations.

Are you eligible?

Donr News is specifically built for registered Charities only. This is simply to make sure we’re following regulations! If you’re a different type of social enterprise for example a CIC (Community Interest Companies) or similar, you may be interested in our Donr Crowdfunding service. Please see the link below.

Bespoke crowdfunding for social enterprises