Brand resource

Media Kit


Well here’s our logo! For us it’s a symbol for change, the speech bubble of communication and community and the lightning bolt of activism and change. What’s more, is that we want it to be a symbol of quality and reliability, so whenever sees this logo – they know it can be trusted.

In print

When using the logo in print, it’s important to make sure you’re using a file formatted in CMYK. Luckily we have what you need!

On screen

Likewise, when the logo is used on screen, it will need a format like PNG, which is formatted with RGB colours.

Brand mark

The ‘Bubble Bolt’ is our core visual symbol – where our logo can’t be used it helps enforce our brand and the work we do in a small, compact icon. You may never need to use it but we’d like to make it available for both print and screen too.