Bespoke crowdfunding for social enterprises

We feel it’s important that everyone benefits from the donating process. Audiences should feel engaged and compelled by the content that supports a campaign and invest it not as a simple donation but invest in it as a movement.

We’re a friendly bunch of developers, copywriters and designers who specialise in working with social enterprises, helping to shape campaigns and create an engaging, compelling and inspired fundraising pages - we call them Donr Crowdfunding pages.

Most current funding platforms only offer basic customisation and provide the functionality for people to donate. Whilst it does the job, we feel that all of these important causes look the same, sit amongst a giant pile and don’t generate real impact.

What’s more, we understand that not all organisations are fortunate enough to have design-thinking, copywriting and technological resources on hand – which is why we provide all of this completely free of charge. It sounds too good to be true because it is. But otherwise we couldn’t craft beautiful campaigns.

We encourage everyone who interacts with a page to invest in it emotionally – we ask that they leave their email address so it’s easy to keep them in the loop. We believe this transparency creates value for everyone involved.

If you think you’re ready to launch a Donr Crowdfunding page, don’t hesitate to pick up the phone, we’re here to help and it might just be the best thing you do today.

+44 (0)203 542 2812

(This number will put you through to Samantha – p.s. she's lovely)

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