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Latest17th July 2019

Integration: Donorfy

We’d like to introduce Donorfy – as our very first integration. Donorfy is a Fundraising CRM for Charities. It helps nonprofits organise finances, data and more.

Connecting Donr to Donorfy via the Donr dashboard means you can now start sending all of your transactional data directly to Donorfy. Very powerful indeed.


13th June 2019

Bank Account Verification & Invoices

Until now, admins of organisations on Donr had to register bank account details via phone and email. While it’s lovely to communicate this way, we felt it was only fair to allow our users to upload this information securely at a time most convenient to them.

Also for these users, we rolled out an Invoices feature which makes all retrospective Invoices available for that organisation downloadable in PDF format.


6th June 2019

The Gift Aid Module

Because donations made through Donr are Gift Aid-enabled. It was important for us to ensure that you can track declarations and the amount of Gift Aid that was claimable per campaign - so the Gift Aid module does just that and with the combination of CSV download and the ability to make a Data Request, we’re on the road to making claiming Gift Aid automatic and seamless.


31st May 2019

2-Step Verification

We've added an additional layer of security with a feature that allows you to use your mobile phone to access your account. Your account will still require a password, but will also require a PIN (sent to your mobile phone) to access to. This helps ensure all of your data and your supporters data is as secure as can be. To activate, simply login, navigate to your user settings and click 2-Step Verification.


20th May 2019

The Donations Module

Keeping track of your donations is now possible! The new 'Donations' module details donations on a transaction by transaction basis. Providing clear-cut and granular information regarding donation amounts, times of donations, billing methods, transaction statuses, networks and much more. What's more is that you're able to filter per any number of campaigns and download monthly reports.


29th April 2019

As you may be aware, our dashboard has always lived at – and while our super duper Text Giving makes up a large part of our dashboard, our ever-growing ambitions for the dashboard stretch far beyond just Text Giving and into a plethora of fundraising tools and activity. The old URL will still work but we’ll be referring to the new one from now on as it best reflects the direction we’re travelling in - watch this space!


4th June 2019

We started this Change Log!

Openness and transparency is of utmost important to us and whilst we're busy building Donr most of the time, it became increasingly important to us to involve and inform our community in our process as much as possible. Therefore, we're making it our mission to track and publish any changes (big or small) to our Dashboard, here in this handy Change Log.


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